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Carpet Cleaning Pontefract

Steam cleaning your carpet regularly, in addition to the usual vacuuming process, is the best way to keep it clean and fresh.

Carpet cleaning Pontefract, also known as hot water extraction, gives it an all-over deep clean. It will help to get rid of germs and bacteria which build up inside the carpet.

Carpets can attract a lot of wear and tear, especially if they are laid in high traffic areas such as hallways, living areas, function centres and business reception rooms.

Foot tread from outdoors can cause all sorts of grime and dirt to embed inside the carpet pile. Ongoing daily use will simply add to the tired look and feel.

Pets, smoke, food smells and careless spills will also mean your precious carpet is often in need of some care and attention.

At New Life Carpet we use the best products and equipment on all your carpets and we always work to the highest industry standards.

New Life Carpet cleaning service is ideal for the following circumstances and more:

  • Cleaning and refreshing your home carpets
  • Combating pet smells and smoke smells
  • Preparing to move out of or into your home
  • Freshening up your office environment
  • Providing good first impressions for business
  • Ensuring high standards in your hotel or function centre

Not only will our Carpet Cleaning Services Pontefract make carpets look better and smell fresher, but they will also feel softer and cleaner overall. The ingrained dirt and grime will be gone, along with all the germs and bacteria.

As a result, your carpets will provide a healthier environment for you, your family, your visitors and your work colleagues.

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carpet cleaning pontefract

Benefits of Carpet Cleaning

Protect your investment

New Life Carpet proven carpet cleaning processes ensure dirt and allergens are removed thoroughly, without leaving excess water or sticky residue. New Life Carpet uses a unique process that not only lifts your carpet’s pile but also enhances its colour.

Improved Appearance and Durability

New Life Carpet uses a deep clean hot-water extraction process to achieve the best results possible. This method provides a deep clean of your carpet, leaving it smelling fresh and ready to walk on soon after cleaning.

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Hot Water Extraction Cleaning Method

This is the best and most effective method to remove heavy stains. The professional carpet cleaner will pressure-inject a cleaning solution into the base of the fibres, then extract it, pulling all the pollutants out of it.

Steam cleaning is a proven method that effectively rids your carpets of stains, leaving them with that “like-new” look. Rest assured, your carpets will be treated with effective cleaning solutions, capable of dealing with any stain.

If you wish to book a full anti-allergen treatment for your home, you can combine the carpet cleaning service with our upholstery cleaning. You’ll even get an exclusive discount on the package!

Why book New Life Carpet Professional Carpet Cleaning:

  • Removes spots and stains.
  • Extends the lifespan of carpeting.
  • Makes carpets easier to maintain.
  • Prevents the buildup of allergens and bacteria.
  • Enhances the appearance of any room.
  • Protects indoor air quality.

The carpet cleaning service is easy to combine with other services. We offer special packages and discounts. Check out our carpet cleaning prices. If your carpet flooring requires professional cleaning, wait no longer. If your soft flooring requires professional cleaning, wait no longer. Simply contact us or fill in our online booking form!

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