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Carpet Cleaning Wakefield

Routine steam cleaning, combined with regular vacuuming, is the optimal way to ensure carpets remain clean and fresh. Carpet cleaning Wakefield, otherwise known as hot water extraction, will provide a thorough sanitization, removing any germs and bacteria that have built up.
High-traffic areas, such as hallways, living rooms, banquet halls and business foyers, are often exposed to an abundance of wear and tear. Outdoor foot tread brings in the dirt, while constant daily use gradually gives carpets a weary appearance. Pet hair, smoke, food odours and accidental spills can further detract from the look and feel of the carpet.
At New Life Carpet, we utilize top-notch products and apparatus to carry out your carpet cleaning, and we always work to meet the highest industry standards.
New Life Carpet Cleaning Service offers a wide range of services to accommodate various needs, from freshening up a home to providing good first impressions for business, including:
Cleaning and restoring carpets.
• Eliminating pet and smoke odors.
• Making a move into or out of a residence easier.
• Refreshing the atmosphere in an office.
• Guaranteeing that hotel or function centers meet high standards.

Our Carpet Cleaning Services Wakefield are designed to give carpets an overall cleaner and softer feel. This process will rid them of dirt, grime, and all types of germs and bacteria, resulting in a healthier environment for those living, working, and visiting your space. Not only will carpets look and smell better, but you’ll have the added peace of mind that your carpets are free from unseen bacteria and germs.

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Carpet Cleaning Wakefield

Benefits of Carpet Cleaning

Protect your investment

New Life Carpet proven carpet cleaning processes ensure dirt and allergens are removed thoroughly, without leaving excess water or sticky residue. New Life Carpet uses a unique process that not only lifts your carpet’s pile but also enhances its colour.

Improved Appearance and Durability

New Life Carpet uses a deep clean hot-water extraction process to achieve the best results possible. This method provides a deep clean of your carpet, leaving it smelling fresh and ready to walk on soon after cleaning.

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Hot Water Extraction Cleaning Method

Hot Water Extraction Cleaning is the best and most efficient approach for removing deep-seated stains. Professional carpet cleaners use this technique by injecting a special cleaning solution into the fibers, and then using pressure to extract it, taking all of the impurities with it. Steam cleaning is well-known for its ability to bring back the “like-new” appearance of carpets, and can guarantee a safe and effective stain removal. If you want to benefit from a complete anti-allergen treatment for your home, you can add the carpet cleaning service with our upholstery cleaning services and get a special discount.

Why book New Life Carpet Professional Carpet Cleaning Wakefield:

• Extends the lifespan of carpeting and makes carpets easier to maintain
• Prevents the buildup of allergens and bacteria to enhance the indoor air quality
• Improves the appearance of any room with specialized carpet cleaning services and packages

The carpet cleaning service is easy to combine with other services. We offer special packages and discounts. Check out our carpet cleaning prices. If your carpet flooring requires professional cleaning, wait no longer. If your soft flooring requires professional cleaning, wait no longer. Simply contact us or fill in our online booking form!

How long should we wait to have our carpets cleaned?

No matter if you have a newborn, a running toddler with red Kool-Aid, allergies, a puppy or kitten, or have simply given up trying to keep your kids from wearing shoes indoors, every situation is unique. Although most carpet producers suggest getting a professional cleaning every 12 or 18  months, the right answer to this question will depend on the specifics of your own circumstances.

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